Telehealth therapy is conducted via video and/or phone sessions for all CA residents. Numerous studies have shown that telehealth is equally as effective as in-person office appointments, and at times more helpful in creating a safe space to achieve the meaningful work in therapy. Life can get busy and I want to support you in your most convenient platform. Teletherapy is optimal for individuals with complicated schedules due to work, frequent traveling, illness, new mothers or even battling crowded traffic during rush hours. 

Video conference sessions are conducted through Simple Practice, a secure HIPAA compliant online electronic health recording system. Before each session, you will receive an email link to our virtual therapy room. To log in, you will simply click on ‘my video link’ and automatically be directed into our virtual waiting room. Same session fees apply for phone and video therapy appointments.

The idea of online therapy may spike some anxiety. That’s okay! The more we meet and familiarize with the process, the more comfortable it will feel. The goal is to recognize that our work together is meaningful and supports healthier changes in your life.