Frequently Asked Questions

I’m nervous about starting therapy!

Even though we haven’t met yet, I want you to know that it’s normal to feel uneasy about starting therapy. Remember that taking one step can lead to the change you have been looking for. I look forward to meeting you.

How do I know if you’re the right therapist for me?

You will know fairly soon whether the fit feels right. During our complimentary 20-minute phone consultation we will start getting to know one another as we discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and the goals you’d like to achieve. During this call, I’ll explain the process and answer any questions you may have. Throughout our interactions you’ll continue to get a sense of my personality and the way that I respond to you. You might want to take special notice and ask yourself these questions: Does she “get” me? Is she truly listening? Do I feel safe and comfortable? Does she seem to know what she’s doing? Does she have the capacity to handle me? Deciding to begin therapy is a courageous and vulnerable decision. The answer to these questions will help you determine whether or not we’re a good fit. If you find you’re looking for something different, that’s okay! I would be happy to provide referrals to other trusted providers who may feel like a more appropriate fit. The goal is to find someone who feels right to you!

What is your fee?

20-minute initial phone consultations are free. 50 minute in-person or virtual sessions are $190. 80 minute in-person or virtual sessions are $285. Please note that all initial intake appointments will be 80 minutes for $285. I also offer extended 80 minute Couple and Family sessions for $285. Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, check, and credit card are accepted.

Fees may be increased once a year, reflecting inflation, increased overhead, and market rates.

Do you take insurance?

I’m an out-of-network provider. This means that I don’t accept insurance for payment. However, I can provide you with a monthly superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, if you plan includes out-of-network coverage benefits. Please contact your insurance provider to ask about your specific coverage benefits.

Helpful questions to ask your provider are:

– Does my health insurance plan include out of network mental health benefits? If so, what percentage amount is covered?

– Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it and have I met it yet?

What is your cancellation policy?

The time scheduled for your appointment is assigned to you and you alone. Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance should you need to reschedule or cancel. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy which means if you late cancel, miss an appointment, or ask to reschedule day of, you will be responsible for paying the standard fee of your session. Sessions booked within a 24 hour period are considered confirmed and the same policy will be upheld. Please be aware that insurance does not cover late cancellations or missed appointments.

How often do we meet, and are sessions confidential?

I typically meet with clients once a week, particularly at the beginning of treatment. Depending on your needs, we may be able to meet more or less than that.

All information will be treated as confidential except: a) suspected child, dependent adult or elder abuse or neglect, b) intent to harm self or others, including suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation c) legal subpoena only if issued by a judge directly requiring waiver of the privilege of confidentiality d) professional supervision e) collection of payment. All other releases must have your permission and authorization signature.

“No Secrets” Policy for Family Therapy and Couple Therapy

When I agree to work with a couple or a family, I consider that couple or family the treatment unit. For instance, if there is a request for the treatment records of the couple or the family, I will seek the authorization of all members of the treatment unit before I release confidential information to third parties. Also, if my records are subpoenaed, I will assert the psychotherapist-client privilege on behalf of the full treatment unit.

Please note: Telehealth/virtual sessions are held via a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.