Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents are going through BIG changes as they approach puberty – physically, emotionally, psychologically, developmentally and socially. I understand that this can be a challenging time where tensions often run high and ruptures in relationships can easily occur. Whether struggling with issues at home, school, or in friendships, professional intervention is often critical to prevent dysfunctional coping strategies from becoming long term behavioral and psychological problems.

I work on a range of issues that include enhancing communication skills, resolving low motivation, improving school performance, helping teens meet expectations at home and at school, making friends, coping with social pressures and fitting in, self-image, stress management, self-esteem, building confidence, and exploring sexuality.

My approach is centered on providing a safe, easygoing, playful and supportive space where adolescents can feel free to talk about their challenges and explore feelings. I believe that teens deserve to feel heard and understood. I also work with them on a range of tools and techniques to help build the skills and confidence to navigate the challenges of adolescence.